Wheels from the Past Car Club, Inc
PO Box 1852

Edgewater, MD 21037

Email:  Webmaster@wheelsfromthepast.org

Our 2021 Annual Car Show Results

$5,200.00 Donated to our Charity

The Eastport Volunteer Fire Company

To See the Pictures go to Our Picture Gallery

Special Thank You To The WFTP Show Team

Thank you to all those individuals who came forward to help make the September 4, 2021 WFTP Labor Day weekend car show a success.

Ben Kamm                                  John Crouse

Joanne Crouse                            Joe Scalley

Bill Nagorka                               Matt Calvin

Dennis Darling                           Cole Kindig

Fred Goodson                            Lee Downing

Ed Downing                               Rick Abbott

Geoff Wood                               Erik Elion

Jeanne Elion                              Paulette Forney

Penelope Menzies                     John Wordell

Mark Deeds                               Sandy Deeds

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